We are a collective

We are a group of creatives, producers, thinkers, and developers focused on user interaction and technology.

We design and build mobile apps, games, smart devices and interactive installations for agencies and clients like yourself. We also develop our own products to build upon our experience.

AAARGB! is a distributed team of professionals. We keep our structure flexible so that we can grow as creative minds and enrich our individual expertise. We teamed up in 2011 to create an extensive portfolio of solutions for automotive, health, music and entertainment sectors.

We have many years of experience on UX/UI, backend technologies and native development for iOS and Android. We are constantly experimenting with emerging technologies to broaden the possibilities for interactivity.

We also love physical interactions and have designed several experimental projects involving sensors, microcontrollers and electronics.

Juan Jiménez - IOS development
Juan Jimenez Mobile, Electronics, Management
Obsessed with interactions and user experience. Going bald as you read.
More projects: 2030 Leo
Juan Jiménez - IOS development
Jason Elder Mobile, Architecture
Breathing software since the last century. Also loves post-rock.
More projects: goodknightstudios.com
Juan Jiménez - IOS development
Simon West Games, Storytelling
Fun magician, rule breaker and left handed.
More projects: iojoe.com
Juan Jiménez - IOS development
Teo Ardoy Interfaces, Graphical
A swiss knife for anything with pixels.
More projects: nomada.digital
Juan Jiménez - IOS development
Rubén Verneda Backend, Mobile
A full-stack type geared to get things done.
More projects: atipics.com
Juan Jiménez - IOS development
Merlin Barking, Prototesting
Constantly remarking that sleeping is a powerful mean of interaction with oneself. merlin@aaargb.com