iCueda mobile app on a user hands

bring your brain up to speed

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"This game will improve your memory!" That's what Dr. Julia Heller told us when she approached us to see if we could get the next version of their existing iPhone iCueda app developed.

We loved the idea behind it so we redesigned the interface and gameplay to enhance the usability, look and feel. We are proud to say that our parents can play it, understand it and enjoy it. And they are not the average casual game players.

The purpose of the game is to recreate a pattern using a 3D rotating cube racing against the clock. There are dozens of different levels increasing in difficulty and it will keep you busy while improving your memory skills.

Simple and addictive, while hopefully helping to bring your brain up to speed, iCueda comes highly recommended.

iCueda mobile app on a user hands.
Results screen in iCueda app.
Level selection screen in iCueda app.
Gameplay in iCueda app.