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Jaguar Land Rover Dev Hackathon: Second Prize







High-end car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover staged a three-day developer hackathon in central London with the goal of developing new ideas for the next generation of apps to feature on its in-car system. We were very happy to accept their challenge.

It’s common for us to feel the thrill every time we sit down and work on a new brief. This time we also had to work around the clock to understand how Jaguar Land Rover in-car technology works, what their customers may lack and then find an innovative solution for it. And it was a lot of fun!

We identified as a very common problem for new users to find out what their new cars are able to do, and typically, they will be referred to a printed manual at best. These machines have data running inside them keeping track of dozens of signals about the driver, the environment and the car itself.

I recently drove a tech-filled car from London to Le Mans with absolutely no idea what any of the buttons do, or how to switch it from petrol-guzzling "sport" into "eco" mode. Orator sounded extremely useful to me.

We came with the idea of an smart audio guide that introduces the car to its new owner in an unobtrusive way. Smart because it makes use of all the data of the car to highlight features on the go when it detects that it’s relevant to the trip or because it has never been used by the driver.

The solution features a companion App that works as a digital brochure, expanding the information introduced on the car.

The concept was very well welcomed and we scored a second prize! We had to take Monday off to recover from the non stop weekend though.

Orator mobile app screens (concepts) Orator mobile app screens (concepts)
Orator UI inside a Jaguar / Land Rover car.
AAARGB! team with the other second-place winners.